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9 June Current Affairs, 2021

FACT#3: One in three smartphone users in India run out of space daily according to a survey by Western Digital, compared with one in 10 in the U.S. Google researchers peeked into Indian consumers’ phones and found thousands of “good morning” images from texts filling up their storage. Recently, Who has approved a program of […]

8 June Current Affairs, 2021

Raimona has recently been declared as the sixth national park of which state?रायमोना (Raimona) को हाल ही मे किस राज्य का छठा राष्ट्रीय उद्यान घोषित किया गया है?A) BiharB) AssamC) KeralaD) Rajasthan Prime Minister Modi launched the E-100 pilot project in Pune on the occasion of World Environment Day. Whose purpose is to?प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने […]

7 March Current Affairs, 2021

FACT#2 : A 400 lbs. loggerhead turtle named “Yoshi” swam ~23,000 miles from Cape Town to Australia to nest after being in captivity for 20 years. Fact Source: Loggerhead turtle’s journey tracked 37,000km from Cape Town in South Africa to Australia. – ABC News Madhya Pradesh has recently started night safaris in three national parks. […]

2-3 March Current Affairs, 2021

With the aim of promoting equality before the law and in the behavior of common people, which day is celebrated globally as Zero Discrimination Day every year.A) 1 MarchB) 2 MarchC) 27 FebruaryD) 3 March According to the announcement by All India Football Federation, who will host the Indian Women’s League (IWL) 2021?A) RajasthanB) BiharC) […]