4-5-6 March Current Affairs, 2021

FACT#1 : The most expensive tea in the world is grown in the mountains of Ya’An in the Sichuan province of China. Workers fertilize the tea bushes using the waste from local pandas. The tea costs the equivalent of around $200 for a small cup.

Recently a black-browsed babbler has been rediscovered in Southwest Kalimantan, administered by Indonesia.
A) Extinct bird species
B) Aquatic creatures
C) Wild deer
D) None

For the first time, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is participating in the exercise ‘Desert Flag-VI’ organized by which Air Force?
A) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
B) Russia
C) China
D) Nepal

On which day National Security Day is celebrated every year to mark the establishment of the National Security Council.
A) 1 March
B) 2 March
C) 3 March
D) 4 March

On which day World Hearing Day is organized every year around the world?
A) 1 March
B) 2 March
C) 3 March
D) 4 March

Recently Udaipur Science Center (Tripura) is inaugurated. Udaipur Science Center is the science center of the country, which has been developed and assigned to the state government by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM).
A) 21st
B) 22nd
C) 23rd
D) 24th

Proposals sponsored by India and supported by more than 70 countries, in which year has been declared as the ‘International Millet Year’?
A) 2021
B) 2022
C) 2023
D) 2024

Recently, where is the world’s first sanctuary established for platypus, so that breeding and rehabilitation of platypus can be promoted?
A) Brazil
B) India
C) Australia
D) Nepal

Kiran Pollard of the West Indies recently scored 6 sixes in a T20 match, with which he became the player to hit 6 sixes in international cricket?
A) First
B) Others
C) Third
D) fourth

Which government has presented “Outcome-Based Budget” for the first time on March 3, 2021?
A) Rajasthan
B) Bihar
C) Jharkhand
D) Odisha

Which is correct in the context of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs released “Ease of Living Index -2020”?
A) In the list of Indian cities with a population of more than one million, “Bangalore” topped

B) Shimla has been ranked highest in the list of cities with less than one million population
D) Both A & B are correct

Who has topped the medal table in the second edition of the Khelo India Winter National Games?
A) Bihar
B) Jammu and Kashmir
C) Odisha
D) Kerala

India has signed a major agreement with whom called “Implementation Arrangement” for the purchase of defense materials and equipment?
A) Philippines
B) Sudan
C) Australia
D) Nepal

Manpreet Vohra has been appointed the next High Commissioner of India for which country.
A) Philippines
B) Sudan
C) Australia
D) Nepal

The 10th edition of Hurun Global Rich List 2021 was released, which has topped it?
A) Elon Musk
B) Jeff Bezos
C) Mukesh Ambani
D) Jamshed Tata

Which of the following world champions has been elected as the chairman of the “Champions and Veterans” committee of the International Boxing Association?
A) Duti Chandra
B) MC Mary Kom
C) Geeta Foghat
D) Babita Foghat

Recently the retired officer of which Indian Administrative Service has been appointed as the first CEO of Parliament TV?
A) Sandeep Kumar
B) Ravi Kapoor
C) Sanjay Mathur
D) Sanjay Mishra

Who has emerged as the highest ranked municipality in the Million Plus category in the Municipal Performance Index -2020?
(a) Surat
(b) Bhopal
(c) Indore
(d) Mumbai

Which two countries have agreed in March 2021 to jointly work in the field of Marine Spatial Planning for the next five years?
(a) India and Sweden
(b) India and the United States
(c) India and France
(d) India and Norway

Where is Similipal Biosphere Reserve, which was recently discussed due to forest fire?
(a) Malkangiri, Odisha
(b) Mayurbhanj, Odisha
(c) Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Karung Kumeya, Arunachal Pradesh

In which railway zone has Indian Railways introduced Tetra based mobile train radio communication system for the first time?
(a) Central Railway
(b) Eastern Railway
(c) Western Railway
(d) East Coast Railway

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